Academy for Christian Leadership

AcF was founded to foster a Christian leadership culture and competence for leadership in Christian as well as secular organizations. Our courses offer knowledge and skills for effective leadership. As we belief that competence in leadership is based on a strong foundation of values, we promote biblical values and a model of steward leadership.

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Are academics and practitioners from different disciplines with experience in various geographical regions.

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The Gesellschaft für Bildung und Forschung in Europa (GBFE) is an international network of Christian educational institutions. It represents the institutes in Europe who cooperate with the University of South Africa (Unisa). The office of GBFE takes care of administrative processes in this cooperation. GBFE organizes an annual Master and Doctorate Seminar (M+S Seminar) and academic conferences.

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University of South Africa (Unisa)

This programme cooperates with the University of South Africa (Unisa). With c. 360,000 students Unisa is the oldest and largest distance learning university of the Southern hemisphere.

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Study Focus

Christian Development Studies & Transformation offers post-graduate academic qualification (M.A. in Development Studies) or trainings for professional involvement in development aid and mission agencies and intercultural ministry.

It focuses on…

  • interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives
  • connecting up to date development approaches with the praxis
  • Christian values and theological reflection

M.A. Programme

Step 1: postgraduate programme

(50 ECTS-credits)

Duration: min. 24 months

  • 10 modules (42 credits) and praxis involvement (8 credits)
  • all modules are available on-line in English, optional some modules are also offered on-site in German
  • Degree: GBFE-Diploma
  • It is possible to enrol in individual modules for professional qualification without perusing an academic degree.

Download an overview of the curriculum Dates of the next modules
Step 2: Master dissertation at the University of South Africa

(70 ECTS-Credits)

Duration: 2 years

First year: conceptualizing and preparing the research (Research Proposal)
Second year: Research and compilation of the Master dissertation (90-150 pages in English)

Degree: Master of Arts in Development Studies
Entry requirements

The programme focuses on professionals in the field of development cooperation and graduates from a variety of disciplines, e.g. economics, social sciences, pedagogy, health, engineering, theology, etc.

For those pursuing a post-graduate degree, a Bachelor degree (or Bachelor equivalent) and relevant international or intercultural experience is required.

For professional qualification without an academic degree, it is possible to enrol without a Bachelor degree, if the applicant has sufficient professional experience in the field of development cooperation.

Please contact the director of studies if you are in doubt if you meet the requirements.

Generally, the tuition fees are 108 Euro per credit. For the module “praxis involvement”, only 50% of this fee is charged.

For on-site modules additional expensed for travel, board and accommodation may occur.

A registration fee of 80 Euro is charged annually.

While registered at Unisa the following fees occur: Research Proposal (one year): 1.490 €
Master dissertation (one year): 2.690 €

For employees of aid development NGOs and applicants from the global South these fees may be adjusted. Please contact the director of studies for more information.

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It is possible to enroll in the post-graduate programme in annually in September and February. In order to allow us the orderly processing of your application, please send it until the beginning of August or January respectively.

The application form for the post-graduate programme, with information about the required documents, is available for download.
Application Form Download

Participants must register for individual modules using the following form. Please note also our terms & conditions (in German):
Terms & Conditions

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